Friday, February 7, 2014


"Cease expecting and you have all things."
~ Buddha ~
Why do we demand so much of ourselves? We expect to be tireless, expert, sage, and beautiful at all times, to need no one and to succeed without strain. We expect to over fill our lives and still get everything done with ease. We think we have no limits, and that if we do, there must be something wrong.
     We are supposed to be flawless and fearless; endlessly patient, and full of faith. And doing the best we can is not enough. We are supposed to be super-human and do it all and then some without complaint.
     We are kidding ourselves, and the one who pays the price for fooling us is us. Let's learn to be reasonable and learn to pace ourselves and learn to have gratitude for all that we are able to accomplish and not the one thing that we have to leave undone.

I accept my limitations and commit to being reasonable and sane.