Tuesday, March 4, 2014


"Good manners are the way we show people that we have respect for them."
~Bill Kelly~

Recently, I got skunked. Our dog got sprayed and by the power of the poison it ended up all over me too- in my skin and hair and on my clothes. Skunk odor still lingers in the house over a week later.
     In Native American Indian tradition, when animals show up in our lives they are meant to teach us things. Their presence is believed to be symbolic and each animal has its own particular "medicine" for us. The skunk is all about respect.
     Disrespect is something I slide into unintentionally. I get so wrapped up in myself and my self-centered angst and drama that I forget to be considerate of the ones I love the most. If everything is not exactly to my liking I can get to acting pouty and put-upon, victimized almost, as if the world at home should revolve around me.
     But we are all just doing the best we can, that's the bottom line, and none of us is more important or deserving or entitled than anyone else. Respect is due us all. And painful as the lesson has been, I'm grateful for the skunky reminder.

Whether at home or at work, I treat others with the respect they deserve.