Monday, March 3, 2014


"When snow falls, nature listens."
~Antoinette van Kleeff ~
Perhaps there is another way to look at all this snow. It's a game changer. It takes us out of our regular routines and our comfort zone. Maybe we get the day off of work. Or maybe we get a couple of days off. Or maybe we push on as usual in spite of the weather, but everything feels a little different. We are challenged in new ways. We are newly grateful for small blessings. One things for sure, there's nothing we can do to change what's happening so resistance is utterly and completley futile.
     Let's take the lead from our dogs and delight in all this white stuff. It won't last, but it's here for today and there's nothing we can do about it. So let's enjoy it. Let's enjoy the prettiness of it and the freshness of it and the change of pace that it insists upon.

I accept the snow and feel grateful for the fresh perspective that it casts on life.