Wednesday, September 6, 2017


"Doubt's sole insidious function is to make us worry ourselves sick so that we might avoid the very risk or effort that would destroy it." 
~ Brendon Burchard ~

The antidote to fear is action. Worried thoughts stall us in paralysis. We wonder what if this and what if that with always negative imagined outcomes. But when we start moving, when we start doing, when we start intentionally propelling ourselves in the direction we want to go, then we make progress. New possibilities open up, and by taking action we build confidence - that we can actually do it, and that what we don't know we can learn.
     So let's get moving and keep moving, and give ourselves some credit whenever we take a break- that we went on and followed through and traveled some distance, in spite of fear and doubt, and the whole litany of unfriendly voices determined to hold us back.

I do something every day to keep me moving in the direction of my dreams.