Monday, September 18, 2017


"Silence is the universal refuge." 
~ HD Thoreau ~

We live in a noisy world- a world of traffic and phones ringing, dogs barking, radios, people talking, construction, computer sounds, clanking silverware- it's bottomless, a bottomless pit of sound... which makes silence a beautiful and refreshing thing.
     And yet, because of the nature of our noisy world, silence can be challenging to come by, and even when we find it, it can be overpowered by the internal chatter of our minds. So we must learn to seek it out and create it consciously, in our minds, our homes, our cars, and outdoors. For it is in silence that we hear the wind blowing, the birds singing, and the still small voice of God.

I take a break from all technology and relax into the healing powers of silence.