Thursday, April 14, 2011


     Like the crosses I see on roadsides, I believe it's important to somehow mark the transitional moments in life. With small ceremony, and personal ritual, I take note of beginnings and endings. I take note of the closure of cycles, the last day of an old life, the introduction of new challenge, new relationship, new living space; the onset of fresh adventure and my invigorated willingness to plunge into the unknown.
     I like to consciously complete the cycle, to know that I am letting go of something familiar on purpose and because it's time, and I like to consciously open to the change ahead and to the introduction of unfamiliar movement. I like to sit and write my feelings and fears, my sadness at the loss of what will be no more and my hopes and nervous excitement about whatever may lie before me. I like to eat something that feels celebratory and indulgent. I like to savor each moment of the last time.
     Although everyday, in many quiet ways, invisible cyles come and go and things end and begin, it's the larger more decisive moments of change that I want to honor by my particular attentiveness. Those are the ones I am speaking of now: the markers of a lifetime, the places looking back where we can plant a cross and say right there, that's where I got married, that's where I got honest, that's where my sister died. We all have those markers in our lives.
     And sometimes, multiple things change all at once in a great leap. I am on the cusp of that kind of transition. I don't know what lies ahead or how any of it will develop and shift, but I know that it will shift, that it is shifting, and today, just for today, I am honoring all that is closing out.

I mark the visible change in my life with attention and care.