Thursday, April 21, 2011


     Why do people hate housework? There is a general negative attitude about doing laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming, organizing, dusting, and cooking. I don't entirely understand it. I experience a ceratin pleasure in taking a discombobulated mess of dirty clothes and putting them through the cycles to produce neat, folded piles of good smelling freshness. And it's a wonderful thing to feel the heat of the dryer left in the clothes as I fold them. Sometimes I'll take a towel and wrap it around me just to enjoy the sweetness of the heat and the clean.
     And dishes are the same way. I like the transformation of mess into order, the clean-up, the soapy warm water. It's instant gratification. In a world where so much is beyond my scope and so much discombobulation and mess is out of my control, I can do laundry and clean dishes and have an immediate sense of satisfaction. It's a gift!
     Sometimes, the idea of cleaning the entire house feels overwhelming, or cleaning bathrooms, or cleaning out a closet, but the positive result of my willingness to do it is so visible and so quick. Few things feel as wholesome as a clean and orderly living space, a swept floor, or an empty trashcan. And the effort is minimal. It takes just a few minutes. And the cost for not doing it is high. My creativity and mental clarity suffer in a cluttered spae, and dirty clothes illicit seedy feelings.
     I prefer a clean house, clean clothes, and a clean spirit. I choose to enjoy housework, knowing that the payoff is easy-to-come-by satisfaction with a minimal expenditure of effort. What a bargain!

I will find the pleasure in doing dishes today. I will feel the satisfaction of a clean sink.