Wednesday, June 26, 2013


      When we turn our focus from fret and worry to love, our energy shifts. To simply say what we love and then do it again and again will change our mood, our day, and our experience.
     I love cozy socks and the color of strawberries. I love music that pumps me up and a steady beat. I love the stretching light of summer evenings and saying good night to our dog, Boss. The top of his head is so soft. I love the top of his head! And his ears!
     I love the moon and the sun and oceans and mountains and flowering weeds. I love the color of my husband's beard and his solid hugs. I love hugging my children! I love to laugh and tell stories and teach. I love to learn.
     It's a simple but profound practice. Instead of attaching ourselves to everything that scares us, let's express our love. It's good medicine and good fun and good all the way around.

When I am feeling particularly funky I start thinking of all the things that I love, and it changes everything for the better.