Sunday, July 9, 2017


"Having too many things about us is a certain confusion to the intellect." 
~ Oscar C. McCullouch ~

Creativity isn't born from busy-ness. When we are pushing ahead full steam and keeping up with all the obligations of our lives, there's no room for inspiration to visit us. We are completely full-up squirreling around on the wheel of urgency. So we have to learn how to hold space, and how to consecrate it.
     Doing everything we can to control our environment, other people, outcomes, incomes, and the world at large, we become jammed and crammed and brimming over, so we have to let go a bit, and then let go some more, and make creating space a priority. When we do that, we invite inspiration, and when we invite inspiration, something in us empties and clears out, and we remember what matters, and who matters, and why we are here.

I create space and invite inspiration.