Thursday, August 24, 2017


"Everything is restless until it comes home." 
~ John Bate ~

Home is without pressure unless it's self-induced. There's no need to take things at any pace other than the one we choose, congestion is at a minimum, food is in the fridge... everything we need is at hand. And yet, how often do we miss the gratitude for having a home, for the feeling of home, and for being at home?
     Let's take a look around when we're there and re-evaluate our blessings. Let's celebrate our space and our beloved things. Let's revel in the conveniences, thank God for family and pets who love us, and linger in the quietude, especially if we live alone. Home is where the heart is, that's true, and also where the restoration happens, and the nourishment, and the sense of totally being exactly who we are.

Being home is a glorious and wonderful thing for which I am most grateful.