Tuesday, August 1, 2017


"It is clear that the way to heal society of its violence... and lack of love is to replace the pyramid of domination with the circle of equality and respect." 
~ Manitonquat ~

At a local dog park, where dogs are allowed off leash, our dog, Boss, was the unsuspecting victim of gang violence. That's what it felt like. A big greyhound was feeling territorial, and he kept messing with Boss, and then he attacked, and before Boss could defend himself, four or five other dogs joined in and were on top of him, one of them with his jaws clamped and no letting up. It was a terrible scene. Miraculously, Boss walked away without any injury other than soreness and pride- no blood, and nothing that required emergency care. But the emotional cost was high... for us as well.
     And it occurred to me that we do the same thing sometimes to the new guy. We gather together and judge and attack- not with a gripping bite perhaps, but with stinging words and whispers. And the new guy feels as traumatized as Boss did.
     Let's not start fights. Let's extend a hand. Let's be friendly and welcoming. Let's remember that we too were once the new guy...

I remember how hard it is to be new at things and am willing to be welcoming and kind.