Sunday, August 27, 2017


"God has given you one face, and you make yourself another." 
~ William Shakespeare ~

Every morning when I take a walk I encounter these big black beetles on the trail. They don't seem particularly threatening. They just make their way and walk along. But if they feel threatened, which they often seem to, they put their heads to the ground as if to bury them. It's a rather pitiable sight to see them hiding themselves like this. Here they are, these big respect-inspiring creatures, afraid of everything. My husband and I have nick-named them hide-a-bugs.
     And don't we do that too? Pretend we are less capable than we are? Shy away from things and people when we feel overwhelmed or afraid? Pretend we're asleep, or not there when the phone rings? And threatened by all kinds of things and situations where the threat is all in our heads?
     Let's allow the Hide-a-bugs to be our reminder that even when we're hiding, in some way we're still in plain sight, and choose not to hide, but to stand tall and face up, and be our glorious inspiring selves!

I stand squarely on the earth and face what's in front of me.