Thursday, March 1, 2018


"If I see one dilemma with Western man, it's that he can't accept how beautiful he is. He can't accept that he is pure light, that he's pure love, that he's pure consciousness, that he's divine."
~ Ram Dass ~

As human beings we are beautiful and fascinating creatures. We light up when we laugh, and when we look with care, our eyes show the sorrow of the lives we've lived. Not one of us escapes that. And for all of our differences, we are so much alike. We have endless common ground, just being human, feeling love and feeling fear and feeling courage in the face of daunting challenge, and experiencing the wisdom that comes after years of getting through things.
     Let's be kind to each other. Let's look with compassion and listen for understanding, and appreciate the blessing that unites us all as one.

I love people and experience the beauty of sharing this journey called life.