Monday, July 25, 2011


     So many of us are at war with our own bodies. As a personal trainer I see it everyday in my clients, and I experience it in myself as well. If we cannot be happy with our bodies with a few extra pounds and feel a certain kindness and affection for our flesh and limbs, then it's unlikely we will be able to be happy even once we lose the extra weighht. We may continue to want even more perfection. It's a widespread trend.
     We seem to think we're never good enough physically. We are either too tall or too fat or too thin or too muscular or not muscular enough, or we don't like our arms or hips or chest or chin. It's a rare person who doesn't have something physically that causes a sense of frustration and unhappiness. Maybe it's achy knees or a tight neck, or a nose that is too big or earlobes too long.
     Our bodies perform miracles for us everyday. The liver alone has over 500 functions, and our lungs do their thing, and our hearts! And legs that sit us down and stand us up, and our backs! and our eyes! and our ears! Where is our thank you? Where is our love and respect? We abuse our bodies with diets and excess and not enough sleep and negative thinking. We tell our beautiful physical selves that we are ugly and never good enough.
     Let's change our approach. Let's shower some kindness on our bodies instead. Let's appreciate them for all that they do- their functionality and strength and the curves of our bones and muscle. Let's be grateful for our hands and fingers, our skin and eyebrows and ankles, for our thighs and bellies, for our very breath! Thank you, body, for standing by me all these years, even when I have not stood by you.

I appreciate my body! I stop criticizing it and directing anger and frustration and hatred toward any part of it. I think loving thoughts instead, and feel grateful for the blessing of my physical being.