Saturday, July 2, 2011


     Most of us breathe no deeper than our chest. Our range of air is from our nipples to our noses, but there is a whole other depth available to us. A focused breath can turn our energy into a powerful laser-beam we can direct as we please. Like a gathering roll of thunder, we can build a breath within us and bring it to the outside as a slow and solid force creating a field around us that shows in our eyes, that says to others, "Stand back." Or, we can explode it forth as a burst of movement that increases our physical strength tenfold.
    Or a breath can be a letting go and release of tension. Letting air escape in a long "aaaaahhh" sound is seriously decompressing and a bit silly too, so it relaxes us and fills our spirits with a sense of play as well.
Breath is a wave that stimulates our spine and nerves. It is meant to travel from inhalation all the way down our vertebrae to the "sacred" sacral bone, and then travel back up. We rob ourselves of life force if we chop it and scatter it half-way down.
     I bring awareness to my breath today. I breathe deeply and fluidly. I let the breathing air travel the length of my spine both ways. I appreciate it and do not waste it in choppy hyperventilation.

I breathe fully today, with awareness and gratitude.