Monday, July 4, 2011


      Independence Day: a time to consider freedom from oppression and a declaration of independence from those who claim they have the power to regulate our lives without understanding us at all, or our dreams or needs. What new nation in ourselves can we give birth to?
     To a greater or lesser extent, I believe we are all oppressed by fear, resentment, guilt, and shame. These tyrants tax us terribly. And we pay up and carry on, growing our debt and our tax base with ever more extreme forms of misbehavior and the induction of chaos in our lives.
     Let's pay attention and stand up. Let's learn to say no and take responsibility for the ways we give away our power. Let's take it back and live free, free from emotional debt and guilt and toxic relating. Let's write a manifesto in our hearts for faith and forgiveness and doing the next right thing. Let's stop trying to control the things and people we have no control over and live right-sized, and in peace.
     It's possible, but we must declare our desire for it, for freedom from fear, from oppression, from whoever and whatever is keeping us down. We need to bring awareness to the reality of our lives and rise up inside to own our independence. We're worth it, and freedom is worth it.

I deserve to live free and I'm willing to work for it. Whatever it takes.