Monday, August 1, 2011


     I love my routines. I look forward to the predictability of the order in which I choose to do things, and the process I have developed over time for the inclusion of all of my daily duties. Routines stabilize me and ground me.
     And whenever something new comes along, it doesn't take long before routines are created around the newness, to accommodate it and hold it down in my world like tent stakes. I discover something I like and make the decision to add it to my daily and weekly experience. It quickly becomes an old friend, come to comfort me, and nurture my soul like the hug of a person I love.
     In short breaks between clients, I walk down a long bank of beautiful trees and delight in the ways they change throughout the seasons and in different shades of daylight, and the way they never change at the same time; how they stand like sentinels along the path. I do specific stretches and exercises every morning to loosen and limber my body, and different ones at night. My body looks forward to them and so does my mind. I say prayers. I pack my breakfast and lunch every night for the next day at work. I curl up in a certain way when I am ready for the night's long and healing sleep.When there is no structure, I create one like scaffolding; a place to hang my security and steady my boots.
     My gratitude today is for routines and for sensible ways of getting things done, for the comfort of repetition, the easy accommodation of ever changing demands, and the supportive structure of the daily maintenance of my health, my spirit, and my whole life.

I appreciate the routines I have created to make the daily activities of life as simple and enjoyable as possible. I appreciate all the ways they stay the same over time, and all the ways they change.