Saturday, March 17, 2012


     I don't believe that anyone gets through life free from the experience of obsession. As teenagers we obsess over clothes, our hair, our slowly developing or too quickly developing bodies, the opposite sex, the stupidity of our parents, being cool, and all of the ways that we do, or do not, respond to peer pressure. It's a rare teenager who escapes being obsessed in some way with the activities and behavior of his or her peers.
     Then we grow up and obsess over our careers, over finding a marriage partner, owning things, growing up, the fulfillment or dissatisfaction of our lives, and all of the modern mental and emotional dysfunction around conceiving or not-conceiving children. We obsess over food, money, health, death, understanding who we are, reaching our potential- all kinds of things.
     But a life full of obsession is largely empty of presence and quietude. An obsessive mind is a busy mind- often fretful, and seldom at peace. The freer we can be of all of our obsessions and compulsions, the happier we will be. But we have to recognize them for what they are first. And it's a slow process to let them go, bit by bit; to stop trying to fix and manage every aspect of our lives. We interfere with our  joy by over-thinking everything.
     Let's stop. Let's let life come and be as it is without our mental manipulations. Let's let people be as they are, and time, and our jobs, and money, and love. Let's ease up on ourselves and everything else. Let's release the obsessive thinking straight-jackets we have on. Let's wear life loose, and comfortable, like an old t-shirt, or silk pajamas. Take your pick.

I recognize when I am being obsessive and stop. I experience freedom and peace when I can let go.